Its primary mission is to promote clinical research, providing the necessary support and aiming to ensure that the outcomes result in benefits for the patients.

The infrastructures at the disposal of the various associates, as well as the closeness between them, provide the perfect conditions to combine research with the clinical practice, enhancing the development of biomaterials, diagnosis strategies, regenerative approaches, and therapeutic products.

2CA-Braga aims to strengthen the position of the School of Medicine of the University of Minho as a leader of innovation in bioscience and translational research. It intends to help preserve the health of the population and improve their quality of life through innovative procedures.


The project aims to change the paradigm, allowing for a more personalized treatment approach, an adequate monitoring of a more significant number of individuals, and a proactive participation of the population in health care.

The Clinical Academic Center of Braga promotes the development of projects of clinical and translational research, as well as clinical trials. It carries out scientific activities in the fields of health sciences, providing services for the clinical and scientific community. Read More

The initiative participates actively in the spread of knowledge among the scientific community, the healthcare professionals, and the general public. Read Less


2CA-Braga is located at the Hospital of Braga (HB), keeping a close connection to the ICVS and the School of Medicine of the University of Minho. It provides a quiet, ample, fully equipped space, perfect for clinical research activities, from the evaluation of the patient and medical care providing, to the questionnaires completion and the application of neuropsychological and diagnosis tests.

Due to its integration at the HB, 2CA-Braga has privileged access to other supporting services, having a team of professionals from several fields (from nursing to administrative support) who complement each other and aim to provide the best possible healthcare service. Read More

The clinicians take a fundamental part because of their experience and technical knowledge, not only about the medical procedures but also about clinical research and the population. This closeness between the associates allows integrating several capacities, skills, and services, which, along with the work of the researchers, make it possible to contribute significantly to the health of the population. Read Less



Nuno Sousa


João Porfírio Oliveira


João Ferreira

Jorge Pedrosa

Luís Braga da Cruz

Fátima Machado